What podiatry chairs do you have?

What podiatry chairs do you have and what are the differences between them?

Depending on your requirements we have a great selection of podiatry chairs available. We represent the Berchtold podiatry chairs which are made in Germany along with our range of allcare chairs we have made to our specifications from China


Allcare chairs come in 2 models, The Langs, and the Fitzroy.

The Langs chair has a split leg feature with a central lift mechanism giving it a very clean and modern style.

The Langs has 3 motors operating 1)Raise/Lower, 2) Seat Tilt & 3) Backrest Angle. The leg rests are operated independently with gas struts.

The Fitzroy chair has a one-piece footrest which is operated by 1 of the 4 motors. The motors operate 1)Raise/Lower, 2) Seat Tilt & 3) Backrest Angle and 4) Leg Rest

The lifting mechanism on the Fitzroy is a more traditional design making the raise /loser function slightly faster than the Langs.


There are 2 models of Berchtold Callisto Standard and the Callisto Heavy Duty with a 240kg capacity.