Jill Dickie Pilates & Personal Training - Combo Chair review

Review of pilates Combo Chair by Jill Dickie Pilates & Personal Training.

I have a small busy studio I see on a weekly basis approximately 120 clients so it’s very important that I have very good quality equipment for my clients to use that’s why I came to AllCare when I needed to purchase a new Combo Chair. Service was great as it was in stock it was delivered to me the same day I ordered, so no waiting which was really important to me with running my studio. 
 Overall I’m very happy with the combo chair there is so many exercises you can do with it especially with the loops on the chair that you can attach springs to for additional arm exercises. And because of this addition can add more challenges to your workout when including arms with springs to the leg routines. 
My clients are really enjoying using the Combo Chair they find it very comfortable to sit on while they’re exercise.
I love the plastic inserts in the rings on the springs to avoid wear and tear of the steel when hooked on to the catus, brilliant idea.
The only thing I could see that would improve this chair more would be for the springs to be a little longer as with my older clients with knee and hip issues when doing leg work sitting down on the chair a few find it hard to get their feet up on to the bar, so in these instances I push the bar down for them to get their feet on so to get them started. 
Other than that a great purchase a well made piece of apparatus looks smart and stylish. 

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