How should I clean my treatment table?

Information on cleaning treatment tables and what products should and should not be used.


There are many cleaning and protection products available for your treatment table including head sheets and full table protection covers.

For cleaning, we recommend a neutral detergent wipe for use between patients and a daily disinfecting wash.

Non-alcohol-based cleaners are recommended. These fall into the category of being either be a detergent-based or disinfectant-based cleaner or a combination.

Neutral Detergent Wipes - Detergent

Speedy Wipes - Detergent

V-Wipes - Hospital grade discinfectant

Disinfectant and Detergent - Combination

Take particular care cleaning around the face hole as this area is prone to cracking if excessively cleaned with harsh cleaners. 

We recommend a covering is used over the table and particularly the face hole.

Paper Head Sheets

Clinic Armour - Covers

Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners as they will cause the vinyl to dry and crack.